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Volunteers needed for NYH - update



A quick update:  After posting this announcement ten days ago.  We have not had a single parent step forward to offer to volunteer and help NYH.  The board will be meeting on 10/6 and making decision about the future of the Needham Tournament as well as our team's participation in district / state playdown tournaments.  Without volunteers to run the tournament or someone to become our district rep, We will have to discontinue the tournament and our involvement in Playdowns.  The cost of the ice that will no longer recovered via the tournament will result in an increase in costs for each player this season.  Details will be announced after the board meeting.  Please review the attached announcement and consider volunteering your time.















Where improvements to NYH come from?  Volunteers make it all happen.




All of the recent enhancements to the program, from strategic actions like creating the mite development program, moving teams to the Valley Hockey League, creation of the girls’ program, new jerseys, re-inventing the skills program with Pro Ambitions, and re-invigorating the Frank Bell Tournament to tactical improvements like acquiring NYH hockey bags, and implementing online payments happened as a result of the leadership of volunteers who thought of a way to improve the program, and made a conscious decision to get involved.


Needham Youth Hockey has always been a volunteer organization, which means all of the benefits your kids enjoy through NYH occur because a volunteer or a group of volunteers stepped forward and gave their time, energy or expertise. 


For NYH to grow and flourish, there needs to be a more continuous flow of new volunteers to help evolve and improve the organization going forward.  It is a remarkably small number of people who volunteer to support the program:  NYH benefits close to 600 families, outside of the 100 or so coaches we have each year get involved less than 2% of the remaining parents are active as volunteersIf NYH is to continue providing a great experience for local players and families, it will be because a new generation of volunteers will step forward to  enhance the program that will provide the best experience for their children and the next wave of players coming along. 


Below are some of the immediate needs that have been identified by the Board, but this list is not exhaustive.  If you have additional ideas, please email mike.canavan@hp.com so that you can make a contribution.  Many people bring great ideas forward that never can be implemented because they are not willing to invest their time to make it happen.


Critical NeedFrank Bell Tournament Directors:  We are seeking 3 people to step forward and jointly run the Frank Bell tournament.   Ideally, parents who have kids in the Mite to PW / girls u10/12 range. We need tournament directors immediately or risk having to cancel the tournament.    Cancelling the tournament would result in $100 charge per player above the current registration fee as we would need to cover the cost of the ice that it utilized by the tournament and paid for by tournament fees.  These roles have a big impact on NYH financials as well as continuing a 40 year tradition that our teams love.


After three years under the leadership of Kim Christie and Laura Hasenfus, Needham’s tournament is fully operationalized and documented, so that managing the tournament will be a much simpler process moving forward.   The major functions are to help recruit teams, organize volunteers for snack bar and onsite activities, coordinate with the district 3 for refs, and develop tournament schedule.


Please contact to volunteer and I will get you connected with Kim and Laura.



Board Level Roles:  In recent years the NYH Board has put many governance processes in place to facilitate new board members joining and exiting the board. NYH believes that the organization will benefit from board members serving for two or three year terms, to promote new thinking and leadership on an ongoing basis.  We are looking to bring in new “at-large” board members each year to help provide new insight and take on leadership roles with the organization.


In addition to “at-large” board members, we are looking for a Coaching Coordinators for next season: The coaching coordinator is responsible for ensuring that coaching roles are filled for each level of the program.  The role typically is filled by an experienced coach or former player.  The role works with tryout coordinator to identify coaches for travel teams and then helps the coaches identify assistants.  The role also has input on skills program and works with the operation manager on coaching education requirements.  The role is board level role.  The vast a majority of the work comes during and right after tryouts in the spring and fall.  We would look to transition in the new coordinator this spring by working with the current coordinator.









Other volunteer roles

·         District 3 Rep (immediate need) – attend monthly meetings and help organize playdown activities with the district and the NYH coaches.  Role is not a significant time commitment, but requires attendance a monthly district meetings and keeping NYH board and NYH coaches informed of district and mass hockey updates

·         Assistant Treasurer – help NYH budget for future season by reviewing current costs and projected costs to help set future fees and understand our cost structure to various program initiatives.  The organization has done a lot of work to improve our financial structure and data, but could use help to more proactively review information and better plan for the future

·         Volunteer recruiter – someone who will help board more actively recruit volunteers

·         Fund raiser coordinator – develop ideas on how to fund raise to help reduce costs of NYH Program.  Work with tournament directors on gaining sponsors for NYH and tournament

·         Other:  in any given year we need volunteers to help with various aspects of the organization.  Raise you hand to help, and will identify roles that require help


Final note, this will be my last year as president,  I will continue to volunteer my time, but as my kids have aged through the program, it is time for a new voice for NYH board to our families who have younger.  More information on succession plan will come later in the year, but next season I will only have 1 player left in the program who will be Midget age.  The organization President should better represent the cross mix of families and have kids active within the organization for the entire season.


We need more people to get involved and look forward to hearing from you.




Mike Canavan

NYH President







by posted 09/19/2014
Final reminder to register with USA Hockey!

It's hard to believe, but NYH will be starting in a few weeks! This is the final reminder for those of you who haven't had a chance to register with USA Hockey.


All players and coaches must register directly with USA Hockey and provide NYH with the confirmation #. Both steps must be completed by the start of the season for players and coaches to be eligible to practice.

Do not email the confirmation number to NYH, you must enter it directly yourself.

Here are the instructions for completing the registration process:

Step 1.) Go to www.usahockey.com, click on 'membership', then click on 'register online' and follow the steps to register yourself as a coach or your child as a player.

Step 2.) You will receive an email from USA Hockey with a confirmation #.

Step 3.) Go to www.nyha.org, click on 'edit my account'. Enter email and password, click on 'player name' and enter the confirmation # you received from USA Hockey in the confirmation # field, and 'SAVE'. Repeat Step 3 to enter confirmation #'s for additional players and/or coaches.


Thank you,

Nancy O'Brien


by posted 07/17/2014
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