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PeeWee1 wins district 3 mini 1-on-1!

Congrats to the representatives from the PeeWee1 team who won the District 3 mini one-on-one tournament today!

Those players will get to be filmed playing in the next round at the TD Garden on November 22nd.  Way to go!

by posted 10/03/2015
Mites: in-house / development options

There is often confusion with in-house registration and the start of mite-development.  The registration for mite-development was in the spring; in-house registration is open now.

Please review the in-house information here: http://nyha.org/Page.asp?n=41065&org=nyha.org

And also the information about the development program here: http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/4152/50650.pdf

In a nutshell, development is a half-touch more per week (on average) and plays in the MCIHL, a cross-ice league out of Fessenden.  In-house is all at Sebs and is a lower level of commitment.  If you registered for in-house, the season will start 10/17 and you can expect to show up and get your jersey/team assignment on the first day.

Sorry for the confusion; there are a lot of options for mites and I know it's not easy to keep it all straight.

by posted 09/23/2015
Volunteers Needed: Especially for Tournament Committee

Many of you are aware of the annual Frank Bell Tournament that we host in Needham.  For several years, this has been organized and run by Kim Christie (for a few years, co-led by Laura Hasenfus).  We owe them a debt of gratitude.  Kim is now passing the baton, but we haven't identified a hand for her to pass it to.  Last year, we re-structured the tournament so that the tournament director has much less of a burden: mostly, he or she needs to solicit directors for each of the three weekends, and take care of registering the tournament with USA Hockey, fielding requests to enter, etc.  It is certainly not the 100+ hours at the rink that it once was.

Please consider volunteering to be a member of this committee.  This organization is almost entirely run through volunteerism and its future depends on continuing participation by all its members.

Here are some other areas for which volunteers are needed:

  • Fundraising
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Other programs (e.g. extra goalie clinics)
  • Holiday Scrimmage planning (Columbus day, Veterans' Day)
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Development Director (liaison to MCIHL)

If you don't have a lot of time to give, but are willing to help, we'll find a way to share the work with others.  Don't be shy!

by posted 09/20/2015
Inhouse registration
Inhouse registration is open and will stay open until early October.

Reminder: you must register your player with USA Hockey.
CLICK HERE to register and choose Ice Players.  Follow the registration steps. 
Once you have completed the steps - you will receive a confirmation number from USA Hockey.
You will need to provide that registration number as part of the NYH registration process.   
This step is critical to complete as all players must be registered with USA Hockey to
participate in Needham Hockey.
Information about the inhouse program can be found under the inhouse tab. 
Questions should be directed to the inhouse
director Bryan McGinn (mcginnbp@gmail.com) or you can email nyhregistrar@gmail.com.


by posted 09/09/2015
NYH Leadership for 2015-16 Season

NYH leadership for the 2015-16 Season:

Esther Jesurum - President

Phil Berejik - Vice President and Tryout Coordinator

Jeff Young - Treasurer

Michael Hegarty - Secretary

Nancy O'Brien - NYH Operations and Scheduling

OPEN- Tournament Director

Mal Cullen - Mite Director

Bryan McGinn - Inhouse Director

Sean McCann - Coaching Director

Fred Cromp - Girls Program Director

Lee Harrington - At Large Board Director

Mike Canavan - Past Director

Leslie Prescott - Registrar


Thank you to Mike Canavan, Al Pace, and Matt Carothers for their support of Needham Youth Hockey.  Al and Matt will be retiring from the Board and Mike will be moving into the Past Director role.



by posted 05/19/2015
In-house parent's meeting recap

Thanks to all the parents who joined in the informal parent's meeting at in-house practice yesterday.  If you couldn't make it, an information guide is now available here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/4152/50650.pdf

Frequently asked:

What's the difference between in-house and development?

In-house is what you have now: 2 touches per week (1 for beginners until 10 weeks in), almost all at St. Sebs, all really regular and convenient.  Development adds about one more touch every other week (on average).  Still really regular with practices every Saturday morning (earlier) and games are at Fessy using the really great boards system.  If you are interested in taking the next step, you need to register in February.

Can I register directly for Development?  Are there try-outs?

You will have the option when you register for mites or squirts to choose not to travel/try-out.  In this case you will be registering directly to join the development program, and you won't need to try-out.

Why do I need to register in February as opposed to in the fall like for in-house?

Because the development program plays in a league (the MCIHL), we need to register our program by May, so we need to know how many teams we are entering.  Like its name implies, in-house is run by us, so we can organize it all in the fall.

Can I continue with in-house if my child is 06/07/08?

Children born in 07 and 08 have the most choices as they can try out for mite travel, enter mite development, or continue with in-house.  If you want to stay in in-house, simply register in the fall.  Children born in 06 really should be in squirts, so we would recommend that they register in February for either travel or development.  We will make some exceptions for younger, less experienced squirts, but it's probably better for them to be with their own age group.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me: esther@alum.mit.edu.

by posted 01/25/2015
NYH update on 2015/16 Season


Happy New Year.   Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday season, and are now back into the full swing of school and hockey.  With the New Year upon us, it is now time to update everyone for next season (2015/16).  Based on feedback received, looking at other organizations, and assessing potential changes for next season, the board has voted to keep the general structure of the travel, development, and in-house program the same for 2015/16.  We will be updating the parent guide with any minor changes in time for registration.  The primary changes you will see are:

  • Registration will open on February 11th and run until late February.  The registration process will be the same as the past 2 years.  Returning players NYH (travel, dev, and in-house) will have the right to register for travel/dev first, and then the program will become first come first serve.   If we reach capacity at an age level we will start a waitlist.  In-house registration will be in September.
  • Tryouts for SQ thru Midget and Girls will be in early March.  Mite / Mite Dev will have tryouts / placements in the fall.  Dates and additional tryout information will be posted in February.
  • We are still reviewing the best mix of girls’ teams for next season.  The Girls Program Director (Fred Cromp) will be reaching out to families to gain feedback and looking to host a parent meeting to discuss plans prior to registration.
  • Tweaks to the payment process.  In general, the new program worked well this year, but at times it has been challenging managing the total number of payments.  We will be looking to simplify the payments further and have the Midgets and Mite Development make two payment and have Girls and all other travel programs have 3 payments.  Final fees for 2015/16 will be set shortly, but expect an increase due to the projected increases in ice costs and league fees.
  • Other minor changes we plan for next year include:  names and numbers on mite dev shirts, updated goalie equipment for mites and dev teams, additional goalie skills, and further expansion of the winter skills program started this season.

We have chosen to change the timing of registration and tryouts based the feedback that our tryouts conflict with the start of spring sports.  With all the pending holidays and private school vacation in late March and early April.  We have decided to run the tryouts in early March.  This may have some impact on team practices during that time, but believe this is the best time to hold the tryouts to address past concerns raised by families.

 Additional notes:

  1. Current year team placement does not guarantee the next season placement.  This applies at all age levels, but we will be having a large group of PW players move up to Bantam and likely have more Bantam teams in 2015/16 than this past season.  This means that some returning Bantam players may not be placed on the same team as this current season.  It also means that some PW players may be placed on a lower team than they have been in past years. Tryouts for this age level will be especially important in determining placement.  We will not be doing parity B teams like we did in 2013/14 for PW age level the last time the 2001 & 2002 were in the same age level.
  2. We are a volunteer led non-profit town program and our approach to hockey and player development is outlined on the website.  Each player and family has the right to choose which organization they want to play for in 2015/16, but please make sure you understand our registration process, fee structure, and refund policy. Our registration process and tryouts are based on placing all kids who register on a team.  We assume that if you register your player, your intention is to play NYH, and your registration fee is a financial commitment to NYH.  If your child is trying out for multiple teams this spring and NYH is just one of the potential options, make sure you understand the refund policy.  The approach town programs and select teams take are very different.  We have this policy in place because it is very challenging to manage the registration, tryouts, and roster process without commitment from families.

To be eligible to register and tryout – all payments must be up-to-date for the 2014/15 season.  All final payments for 2014/15 are due by 2/1.  If you had a balance due, you should have received a notification on 1/21.

by posted 01/23/2015
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