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Inhouse registration has closed

Inhouse registration has closed.  If you are interested in registering late.  Please email .

Frank Bell Update

Thanks to those who stepped forward to volunteer.  NYH is planning to move forward with the Frank Bell tournament.

Tournament Committee members will be reaching out to coaches for assistance in recruiting teams and identifying team volunteers to help with certain tournament activities.

There is an adjustment to the schedule from prior years.  Instead of doing A(Tier II), B(Tier III), and C/D (Tier IV) weekends.  We will doing the weekends by age group.  We feel this will make the weekends more enjoyable for the players and volunteers.

Current Plan:

Squirts (Tier II, III, and IV) on Feb 13th to 16th

Mite 1 & 2 travel (Tier II, III) and Girls (u10a & u12a) on Feb 19th to 22nd

PW (Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV) on Feb 26th to March 1


Questions about the tournament should go to the nyhatourney@yahoo.com email address.


The application is now online.  So it will be easier for teams to register and pay.   Coaches please proactively reach out to the tournament committee.



by posted 10/23/2014
Thanks - Charity drive for hockey equipment



The Rayment Family and NYH would like to send our thanks for supporting the "Everyone's a Player" organization.  The equipment drive collected approximately $10,000 worth of quality hockey equipment.  This equipment will be used to help many young children enjoy the opportunity to play hockey.


If you would like to learn more about the organization and its mission, please visit the website at:  http://www.everyonesaplayer.org/





by posted 10/07/2014
Valley League Names
Mite 1 - Mite 1 SQ 1 - Squirt AAA PW 1 - PeeWee AAA Bantam 1 - Bantam AAA
Midget 1 - Midget 1
Mite 2 - Mite 2 SQ 2 - Squirt AA1 PW 2 - PeeWee AA1 Bantam 2 - Bantam A Midget 2 - Midget 2
  SQ3 - Squirt AA2 PW 3 - PeeWee AA2   Midget 3 - Midget 3
  SQ 4 - Squirt A PW 4 - PeeWee A1    
    PW 5 - PeeWee A2    

by posted 09/02/2014
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