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Inhouse registration now open
by posted 09/09/2014

Please review inhouse information tab for more details.


Registration is now open for Beginner and Rookie/Mites

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Hockey Bag Ordering Open
by posted 09/08/2014

Ordering has opened up for the official Needham Youth Hockey bag. 

Please be aware that orders will not be sent to the vendor until the week of 9/22 and take up to 4 weeks for fabrication.  The bags are locally fabricated by Bags For Sports and carry a lifetime warranty.  Click here to order or click "shop online" to the left.

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Season Start update
by posted 09/02/2014



1.  Register with usa hockey and submit information to NYH  - instructions are on website.  We still have roughly 25% of the kids who have not submitted the information to NYH.  Players are ineligible to play without this information.


2. Payments we due by 9/1.  Use the link in the emails that you received, the link is customized to your child(s) and will allow payment.  We still have approximately 25% of the families have not made their 2nd payment.  the payment is now late.


3.  SCHEDULING - you will begin to see skills, practices, and games posted on the NYH website.  Valley League has posted their parity round schedule.  Middlesexx Girls and the MCIHL - Cross-ice league should post schedules shortly.  NYH will be attempting to add the valley league games into the schedule per families request, but all families and teams should still use the valley league site to confirm dates, times, and location of games.  The systems do not sync automatically, so after the initial load of the schedule - they only way NYH will  know of a change is if the team notifies us.  Valley league will always try to notify the coach directly of changes or cancelations.


4. Team names on the Valley League Site:

Midget 1 - Midget 1

Midget 2 - Midget 2

Midget 3 - Midget 3

Bantam 1 - Bantam AAA

Bantam 2 - Bantam A

PW 1 - PeeWee AAA

PW 2 - PeeWee AA1

PW 3 - PeeWee AA2

PW 4 - PeeWee A1

PW 5 - PeeWee A2

SQ 1 - Squirt AAA

SQ 2 - Squirt AA1


SQ3 - Squirt AA2

SQ 4 - Squirt A

Mite 1 - Mite 1

Mite 2 - Mite 2


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Final reminder to register with USA Hockey!
by posted 07/17/2014

It's hard to believe, but NYH will be starting in a few weeks! This is the final reminder for those of you who haven't had a chance to register with USA Hockey.


All players and coaches must register directly with USA Hockey and provide NYH with the confirmation #. Both steps must be completed by the start of the season for players and coaches to be eligible to practice.

Do not email the confirmation number to NYH, you must enter it directly yourself.

Here are the instructions for completing the registration process:

Step 1.) Go to www.usahockey.com, click on 'membership', then click on 'register online' and follow the steps to register yourself as a coach or your child as a player.

Step 2.) You will receive an email from USA Hockey with a confirmation #.

Step 3.) Go to www.nyha.org, click on 'edit my account'. Enter email and password, click on 'player name' and enter the confirmation # you received from USA Hockey in the confirmation # field, and 'SAVE'. Repeat Step 3 to enter confirmation #'s for additional players and/or coaches.


Thank you,

Nancy O'Brien


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