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NYH Store 2014




Please read below for some important information.

  • We have two stores, be sure to check them both out!
    • NYH Store will be selling Bauer Warm Ups , Hockey Bags, Custom (Faux) Elite Socks and Baseball Hats. 
    • That’s Sew It will be hosting our Spirit Wear Store. Holiday delivery is not guaranteed but will make every effort to get to you before the holidays.

  • Order from November 1- 16 for local pick up before December 16 (unless your item is backordered, in which case you will be notified)
  • Any orders placed after November 16th will not be guaranteed for holiday delivery.

Needham Youth Hockey thanks you for your support.  If you have any questions please email Danielle

Midget 1 team wraps up successful season

Congrats to the Midget 1 players and coaches on finishing in first place in the Tier 1 north division of the Valley League (the league's top midget division).  The team beat Winchester 8 to 4 on Sunday night to secure first place.  The team finished the regular season at 6 wins, 1 loss, and 3 ties. 

The team also recently competed in the Midget II Large State Tournament after winning its 3rd straight district championship.  For several of the boys, it was their 4th straight trip to the state tournament, having qualified as 2nd year Bantams.

12 of the players will be graduating from Needham Youth Hockey this year and 4 will return to anchor next year’s team.  The group began playing as beginners and rookies, and while they have not always been on the same team every year, the group on average has been playing Needham youth hockey for 12 seasons.

This group exemplifies the vision of Needham hockey where every player has the opportunity to play from beginners through midgets and hopefully develops a life-long enjoyment for the game.  Watching the game last night, the boys seem to enjoy their final 12 minutes of Youth Hockey as much as they enjoyed the first time they stepped on the ice.

Congrats to the following players and we wish them well in their high school season:  S. Arnao, J. Atkinson, C. Canavan, D. Caruso, J. Concannon, A. Davoren, C. Ektov, S. Jacobs, J. Katz, P. Milligan, E. Mirageas, C. Niles, J. Piersiak, E. Quinn, B.Rayment, C. Wolfe


Thank you to the parents and coaches who over the years have committed time, energy, and lots of miles of their cars to get the kids to the rink.





by posted 11/24/2014
Valley League Names


Mite 1 Squirt 1= AAA PW 1= AAA BANTAM 1= AAA MIDGET 1
Mite 2 Squirt 2= AA1 PW 2= AA1 BANTAM 2= A MIDGET 2
  Squirt 3= AA2 PW 3= AA2   MIDGET 3
  Squirt 4= A PW 4= A1    
    PW 5= A2    


by posted 09/02/2014
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